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Issue 2



Hello, and thank you for all your kind feedback we received about the new style newsletter.

Last month we introduced our wellness concept.  This month we have an overview of the whole system.  In future issues we will look at these areas in more detail.

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Omega Three Essential Fatty Acid

Are you confused about essential fats?  If fat is the baddy how can it be essential?  Well, there are fats that heal, and fats that kill.  You need to boost the good fats and cut down on the bad.  This article tells you everything you need to know.

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Free Phone Calls World Wide!

Would you like to be able to telephone people for FREE all over the world?

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Reiki... a seasonal offer

A special offer on Reiki healing for December and January.

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Recommendation of the month

Each month a product or service which we feel can increase your wellness.

This month's choice.

Massage gift vouchers

Our resident masseuse, Deborah, is offering massage vouchers.  Perfect for Christmas!

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Book of the month

Each month we'll give you a suggestion for a book that can make a big improvement to your wellbeing.

This month's book.

Are you buying more meat this month?

Find out where you get get the good stuff from locally.

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Recipe of the month

Mouth watering yummyness that's good for you too!

This month's recipe.

Audio program of the month

Each month we aim to give you a free audio program which you can download and listen to anywhere you like. They will be in mp3 format but you can simply burn them onto a CD for ease of listening. They are streamed audio which means that it will take a little time for the buffer to download, which depends on the speed of your internet connection. Happy listening.

This month's audio.


A little something each month to make you smile. After all laughter is the best medicine... ...unless, of course, you have tuberculosis!

This month's effort.

Stuck for present ideas?

Don't forget, if you are stuck for a present idea for someone you care about you can get Ishta Centre Gift Vouchers, for any amount, redeemable with any of the therapists.  Contact us for more details.

A closing thought

Something to ponder until next time. Bye for now.

Closing thought.

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